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How to use Ama Tu Luna pads ?

Using washable menstrual pads is not more restrictive than using disposable ones.
In addition, our towels are easy to wash thanks to the materials we have chosen to make them.In a few simple steps your pads will be ready for your next cycle!


Using them

Every piece is very resistant thanks to the double handmade seams. 

The base is waterproof and keep the blood from staining your clothes. Thanks to our special material, there is enough air circulation for your skin.
On the base, you fix the pad which is made 100% with super absorbent cotton. The pad is the piece you will change most often and the one in contact with your intimate parts.
Inside the pad, you can add the mini. This is an option you can use when your blood flow is heavier and you need more absorption.
It can be more comfortable for you to wear shorts or a boyshort over your underwear to feel free of your movements.
You should wash your Ama tu Luna pads before using them for the first time. 


Washing them

Washing process is really easy. The blood is eliminated readily on the material we have chosen.

Washing steps :
1 - 2. Leave the recently used pads in cold water during 5 hours. Water will nicely turn red.

3. If you wish, you can water the earth with this liquid, your plants will be even more beautiful!

4. Once most of the blood is in the water, you can hand-wash the pads or put them in your washing machine up to 40 degrees Celsius

5. Ama tu Luna pads dry quickly! 

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Discover how to wash your Ama tu Luna pads in few easy steps.
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