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Ama Tu Luna


Ama tu Luna Argentina has already created four groups of women for the production of reusable women pads, in poor areas of Buenos Aires : in “Barrio 31" - in the federal capital, in the “Barrio Praderas” - in the province of Buenos Aires, in "Cava San Isidro" and in "Rincón de Milberg" - in Tigre.

We donated washable women pads, sewing machines, the materials for two productions of sanitary pads and we taught local women how to make reusable cotton menstrual pads. 

We guide them in the production and selling process, aiming to create new local jobs, raise awareness and allow women to discover a natural way of living menstruations. 

The sales profits of the pads made in Argentina go completely to the Argentinian families who produce them and to their own community. 

we run female awakening circles during Festivals, in the schools , and other events for free. We share our experience about living menstruations in a natural way. 

 Currently, we are working to create new working groups within the country.

Our Groups in Argentina

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