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With our various Ama Tu Luna menstrual pads, our idea is to help every woman to fully experience her menstrual cycle, while respecting nature and supporting humanitarian projects around the world.


Making Process

Women and their menstrual cycle are sacred, pure and precious, creators of life and beauty, they must be respected and loved.
For this reason, we make reusable women pads, 100% cotton, handmade one by one with infinite love.


Why should I use them?

Washable cotton pads are the real answer to actual troubles : environment, economy, health. Indeed we can use them for many years and they are gentles with our body. Our target is to produce them locally, to create news sources of work.


How to use them?

Using washable menstrual pads is not more restrictive than using disposable ones.
In addition, our towels are easy to wash thanks to the materials we have chosen to make them. In a few simple steps your pads will be ready for your next cycle!

Ama Tu Luna Catalogue


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