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Ama Tu Luna


Ama tu Luna is born in the South of Italy in the middle of 2018. Jaquelina, the founder, carries this mission free of charge and without any external funding. 

In Italy every month new women become aware of the reusable sanitary pads’ world.
We run feminine awakening circles for free, where we explain the way for living menstrual cycle in a natural way.
Women who buy washable Ama Tu Luna pads in Italy support directly humanitarian projects in other parts of the world with less resources.
 60% of the incomes support social projects in Kenya, India and Argentina. The other 40% is used for purchasing Organic French cotton and for paying the female labour in Italy.

For delivery in other countries, please contact us.


Ama tu Luna Italia
Federico : +39 0832/18 26 777
Jaquelina : +39 388 477 8137
Facebook : @amatulunacosmic

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