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Washable cotton menstrual pads

Ama tu Luna is born from the heart, it is a drop of pure water in the ocean, a seed of love that wants to create beauty on the planet, taking care of Mother Earth and all the life there.


Easy to use and to wash
Super absorbent
Thin and comfortable


100 % cotton


Usable during 5 years
Inexpensive in the long term


Financial help for
humanitarian and social projects
involving groups of women

Ama Tu Luna is a social, ecological and humanitarian project striving for OPENING, GIVING, CREATING and HEALING. It is carried out by many people who wish to build a network without borders, to pass on the practice of sewing to women from different parts of the world, in order to manufacture washable cotton menstrual pads. It is a chain of people who want to share by joining together, creating small sources of work, generating health, wellbeing and awareness, in order to take care of this wonderful planet. 

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